Ash On Dust is a musical experiment drifting between acoustic ambient and cinematic post-rock while leaving many of the tropes of those genres behind.  Created with Bassist Steve Uccello - the backbone of the sound of Ash On Dust is created from acoustic & electric basses.

We use the bass mainly for it's uniquely rich yet somber voice. It's poignancy. It's a fitting voice to speak and tell our stories. 

The modus operandi of Ash On Dust has been to release a single track of music at a time, as they are completed. Only on finishing the 6th piece - "Closure" did it feel appropriate to package the music into a single EP - simply called Vol 1. When we began - we honestly didn't know how much music we'd end up making. It's a thrill for us to have completed enough to actually call it an "EP". 

If you enjoy the music please feel free to download it - for free - or pay any amount you feel it's worth to you.

Please share it on social and tell your friends about it. 

We appreciate your ears! 

--jeff & steve