The latest Wondery mini-series I designed audio for “Over My Dead Body” just hit the pod-verse and the response has been pretty terrific - still at #1 on Apple Podcasts as of this writing two weeks after publishing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 7.44.11 PM.png

Across the board we tried to approach this story without using the standard True Crime tropes.

For example - there’s no 911 call, victim or even a crime to kick off the series.

Instead of returning to the ominous style underscore I’ve enjoyed creating in previous series this series is outright perky & plucky at times.

All is not so bright though - it’s kind of a slow cooker and it does get dark.

Imagined Life came back from holiday break with a few decidedly more, ummm shall we say controversial characters whose sometimes less than ideal lives we immerse you in. Some of my favorites so far of the series!

In production presently is a very cool series I can’t name yet, written by my frequent collaborator Mark Ramsey. In 6 audio rich episodes we dive into the life of one specific former Undercover agent and their experiences drawn from a 20+ year globe spanning career. Big action and some surprise names in this one.

Also in production is a pilot for an original anthology horror series by Mark Ramsey and myself. This show NEEDS to happen! :)

I’m hearing rumors that POPS! - The Amazing Story of Louis Armstrong staring Reno Wilson might finally be published this year - I will be thrilled to get that out there.

Plenty of other projects in the hopper - a few pilots with some incredible names attached, another season of Inside____ (insert famous movie) and of course expect more crazy true crime stories too!

As always - I’m super grateful to be able to design audio for incredible stories like these - I look forward to sharing even more cool stuff in the weeks and months ahead!

Till then - THANK YOU for listening!