FAVORITE SCENES: Imagined Life - The Bride

Spoiler alert - this clip reveals the identity of the subject of the episode!

So if you haven’t heard the episode and don’t want to know who YOU are yet, don’t click play.

Otherwise - as always - pop on some headphones and join the journey.

For me this sequence highlights what is special about the show - putting YOU in the experience of another combining drama, tension, tragedy and redemption.

First, we start outside “viewing” this as we customarily might - from a distance in 3rd person. Then we cut to inside the vehicle and now we’re clearly first person perspective. YOU are in the car. Our perspective leaves the car for a bit so we can get a sense of speed and place and then we’re back in the car again until…

Stick around for the end and the reveal - it’s quite touching.

Narrated by the amazing Virginia Madsen